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  • Patients can reach our High-Performance Sports Medicine team through a dedicated website or concierge hotline.

  • Upon call receipt, our concierge team verifies the patient’s identity and notes down their specific medical service request.

  • The concierge checks the real-time availability of the High-Performance Sports Medicine Team for scheduling.

  • The concierge then confirms the appointment with the patient, offering alternate scheduling options in case of any conflicts.

  • Post booking, the patient receives an appointment confirmation and a reminder 24 hours prior to their scheduled visit.

  • After the appointment, a follow-up call is conducted to gather feedback and ascertain any further medical needs.

Why High Performance Sports Medicine?

High-performance sports medicine focuses on the medical care of athletes who, due to their extraordinary physical and psychological exertion during training and competition, face unique health challenges.

Implement Comprehensive Medical Care

Personalized Health Plans

Regular Health Monitoring

Prevention & Management of Injuries

Unique Physiological and Behavioral Attributes In High-Performance Athletes 

Athletes involved in high-performance sports exhibit diverse physiological and behavioral attributes


Implement rigorous and sport-specific health assessments that consider the unique physiological and behavioral attributes required by each sport.


Develop individualized healthcare plans for each athlete that consider their unique physiological and behavioral attributes.


Implement a system for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of each athlete's health and performance.

Experience Our Exceptional Concierge Care

Designed with your unique needs in mind. We offer an array of specialized disciplines for you to receive care from, be it orthopedics, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, concussion rehabilitation, or any other sports medicine specialty.

Beyond Immediate Care:

Physicians Educating Athletes, Trainers,
and Coaches on Holistic Health for
Optimal Performance

In such contexts, the role of the physician extends beyond immediate care to include education of athletes, trainers, and coaches about the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind for optimal performance.

Sports Injury



Organize regular workshops and seminars conducted by physicians for athletes, trainers, and coaches.

Incorporate an educational component into every athlete's healthcare plan.

Cynthia U.

“My teenage son had an injury late on a Thursday night recently. We reached out to the professional staff at Sports Academy and they got us in touch with the HPSMT immediately. My son had an appointment the very next morning. The staff was courteous. The doctor was great. The doctor recommended physical therapy and my son was back in action soon after. Hands down the best treatment and service you can ask for!”

Meet The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Dr. Brandon Browning

  • Brandon L Browning, PT, DPT, OCS is a graduate of UNT Denton with a B.S. in Kinesiology and  Doctorate of Physical Therapy from UNT Health Science Center in Ft. Worth.

  • He has also earned advanced certification with the prestigious Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist by the American Board of PT Specialists. Dr. Browning has 10 years of experience in Physical Therapy and over 20 years in the Sports Med and Strength and Conditioning fields.

  • He has an extensive resume of high-level high school, collegiate, and professional athletes treated or coached. Specializes in ACL pre and post op/knee treatment and helping athletes and active populations improve.

  • Now offering premier level Concierge Physical Therapy services and Outpatient Physical Therapy services in clinic.  Also, offering performance training (strength, speed, agility, mechanics) and return to sport assessments with Vald technology. 


Dr. Ben Volkman

  • Dr. Ben Volkman PT, DPT, SCS, FAAOMPT, CSCS is the only sports Residency and Fellowship trained Physical Therapist in Dallas, < 1% of all physical therapists.

  • Following PT school, he was accepted into Sports Residency with Houston Methodist Sugar Land and then completed a 3-year Sports Manual Therapy Fellowship with the Institute for Athlete Regeneration.

  • In addition to seeing clients, Ben is a Lead Faculty member for the Institute for Athlete Regeneration, where he trains physical therapists from around the nation to be the best at sports rehabilitation and manual therapy.  

  • He utilizes the latest technology within the field including blood flow restriction (BFR), Dry Needling, Cupping as well as the highest-level manual therapy, Joint Manipulation and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.

  • He specializes in baseball pitchers and overhead athletes, cheer and dance injuries, ACL rehab, concussion, and injuries in runners & sprinters.

Our Promise

With just a few clicks, you can select your preferred discipline, schedule a personalized consultation, and embark on your journey to optimal health.


Our promise is to deliver exceptional, individualized care with the expediency you need, assuring you a consultation appointment within 48 hours of your request.


We bring together expertise, innovation, and personalized care - because your performance deserves nothing less. Experience the future of sports medicine today.


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